Registering for an AMP Account

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Almost all of the data on the Asteroseismic Modeling Portal is freely available to all website visitors without registration. You only need to register as an AMP user if you want to submit simulations or view embargoed Kepler data.

Registration Requirements

Because AMP simulations can consume 20,000 XSEDE SUs each, only researchers with credentials in the field are granted accounts.

  • To become a registered AMP user, you must have an advanced degree in astronomy or a related field, or be a student working under a similarly qualified advisor at a recognized institution.
  • To gain access to Kepler data, you must be affiliated with an institution that is a member of the Kepler Consortium.

If you meet the registration requirements, please use our registration application to request an account. Please provide your preferred user name, your preferred contact e-mail address, your name, and institutional affiliation.

Approving AMP account requests is a manual process (due to the limited size of the community), so there may be a short delay before you receive a response.

More information

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