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The Asteroseismic Modeling Portal (AMP) provides scientists easy access to the software and computational resources required for asteroseismology -- the study of the internal properties of stars. In addition to the Portal, the AMP science code is also available for download for researchers that would like to run it directly on their own computational resources.

AMP was developed by scientists at the High Altitude Observatory and the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

If you publish results from AMP, please cite Metcalfe et al. (2009, Astrophysical Journal, v.699, p.373) and include the following statement in your acknowledgements: "Computational resources were provided by XSEDE allocation TG-AST090107 through the Asteroseismic Modeling Portal (AMP)."

Contact Information

To reach us quickly, please visit our contact page to e-mail an administrator.

For more information about asteroseismology or the AMP website, please contact:

Travis Metcalfe
White Dwarf Research Corp
9020 Brumm Trail
Golden, CO 80403

For more information about the GridAMP XSEDE workflow, please contact:

Haiying Xu
1850 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, CO 80305

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