AMP was developed by scientists at the High Altitude Observatory (HAO) and the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

  • Funding to develop and validate the asteroseismology science code was provided by NASA grant NNX09AE59G (PI: Metcalfe).
  • Computational time at NCAR was provided by NSF MRI Grant #CNS-0421498, NSF MRI Grant #CNS-0420873, NSF MRI Grant #CNS-0420985, NSF sponsorship of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the University of Colorado, and a grant from the IBM Shared University Research (SUR) program.
  • Computational time at NICS was provided by XSEDE allocation TG-AST090107.
  • Funding to integrate AMP with XSEDE resources was provided by the XSEDE Advanced Support Program.
  • Since 2013, AMP has been hosted by the Stellar Astrophysics Centre, at Aarhus University in Denmark.

Astronomical Catalog Service

AMP Software

  • The AMP website uses the Django Python Web development framework with the Apache web server and a PostgreSQL database.
  • The AMP back-end processing system uses Grid technologies provided by the Globus Toolkit. Remote computational jobs are submitted using WS-GRAM and file transfers are performed using GridFTP. The workflow control daemon is written in Python using Django framework components.
  • Visualizations are rendered using Matplotlib, a Python plotting library.

Personal Acknowledgements

  • Thanks to Nancy Wilkins-Diehr at SDSC for her assistance turning AMP into a XSEDE Science Gateway.
  • Thanks to Michael Oberg at NCAR for preparing the virtualized NCAR XSEDE Service Hosting Platform used to host AMP and GridAMP.
  • Thanks to Haiying Xu and Michael Glad for facilitating the transfer of AMP and GridAMP from NCAR to Aarhus University.
  • Thanks to Stu Martin for his assistance with Globus GRAM.
  • Thanks to Tom Scavo for helping with GridShib. Our first GRAM job used GridShib!
  • Thanks to Margaret Murray at TACC for her assistance with getting started on TACC Ranger and LoneStar.

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