Direct Model Run: Reproduce Solar Y²

Run details:

Subject Star: The Sun
J2000 coordinates: RA: (N/A)
DE: (N/A)
Submitted by: Justin Deighan
Date submitted:Thu 10 Mar 2011
Progress: Complete as of 11 March 2011.
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Run complete.
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Notes from the researcher:

An attempt to reproduce the results of the Y² (Yonsei-Yale) solar model using the same input parameters.

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Input model parameters

1.00M/MMass (in Solar Units)
0.01810ZHeavy Element Mass Fraction (Metallicity)
0.267Y0Initial Helium Mass Fraction
1.74αMixing-length (Convective Efficiency)
4.5 x 109τStellar Age (in years)


Resulting model parameters

129.2Δν Large Frequency Separation (in μHz)

Post-processing diagrams of run results:

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Image of Echelle Diagram for this run.
Echelle Diagram (large)
Image of Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram for this run.
Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (large)

Download run results:

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Computational resources:

Selected allocation:_EXPIRED_ TeraGrid NCAR Frost Discretionary Allocation (Rich Loft)
Selected resource:NCAR Frost
Total hours used: Unavailable, check back later