Why should I become a registered AMP user?

Almost all of the data on the the Asteroseismic Modeling Portal is freely availble to all website visitors without the need to register. There are two reasons to register:

  • You must register to submit new simulations. Computational time is a scarce resource, and AMP simulations take a lot of computer time, so only registered users may submit jobs. In order to be authorized to submit new simulations, you must have an advanced degree in astronomy or a related science, or be a student working under an advisor with similar qualifications.
  • You must register to view embargoed Kepler data. Several researchers are using AMP to evaluate data from the Kepler mission, which requires that all results be embargoed to Kepler Consortium members until a specified date. In order to view results from this cutting-edge data, you must register and be associated with an organization that is a member of the Kepler Consortium. After the embargo has been lifted, all Kepler data will be freely available to all website visitors without registration.

To register as a user of the Asteroseismic Modeling Portal, please visit the How To Register page.

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